Political Campaign and Event Management

Successful political campaigns are founded on hard-hitting clear messages. Messages that are grounded in comprehensive thought, in-depth experience and backed by flawless strategies.

Exactly where we can fruitfully assist …

We combine the client’s political acumen with our strategic communication expertise to create winning political campaigns.

Grey Cell’s Public Affairs and Cause Communication Consulting (PACCC) is a specialist team of political PR professionals. They are experienced and adept at all manners of political communication whether it is designing a single-minded campaign leading to successful election results or designing and implementing more broad – based public interest strategies during the term time. We cater to a broad spectrum of political clients including individuals, groups and major political parties and platforms at local, regional, state and national levels.

PACCC provides 360° solutions to our clients that bring about a positive change in image as the first step. The second step then is to sustain and maintain the same mindshare amongst the voters and constituents during the interim period between two elections. For this we design dedicated social benefit programs, ensure visibility and appropriate media attention.

We create and pull-off masterstroke events at the right place and right time guaranteed to remain alive for long in public memory, fickle though it is. Our political events are creative, molded to the understanding levels of the targeted audience, scalable to desired proportions and generate the desired buzz. Whether it is a behemoth rally or a muti-locational group activity or a one-to-one communication or a doorstep interaction we have successfully executed them all.

Our campaigns have been unanimously hailed and are considered impressive by parties from across the political ideology spectrum. We win because we are a principle driven firm led by partners who have decades of political experience. One of the main reasons we are able to deliver for our clients time and time again is that we take only a handful of political assignments a year and provide them highest level of attention and care. Currently, several members of our staff have senior advisor roles in elections campaigns for a variety of front-running candidates.

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